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    Bloom Blog — Bloom Honey

    Bloom Honey Retail Locations!

    Hi BloomBlog readers,


    I just wanted to pass along the news that Bloom Honey is now available in several Southern California retail locations!

    • more exciting announcements coming soon! 

    75%+ of store bought honey doesn't contain pollen

    Hi BloomBlog readers,
    Professor Vaughn Bryant, the Pollen Detective, studies honey samples and finds that more than 75 percent of honey sold in the U.S. has had its pollen completely filtered out. 
    At Bloom Honey, our honey is never pasteurized or filtered. We extract varietal honey straight from the beehive and deliver it to you the way our honeybees created it - 100% raw and pure.  It's that simple.  
    So what do we do? We gently heat it just enough to facilitate bottling, but never near the temperature that will degrade its nutritional quality or its healthy bioavailable enzymes. We gently strain it to remove large impurities such as wax particles, bee parts, or parts of wood colony frames that splinter off during extraction. We allow the pollen grains and nutrients to pass through to you intact. 
    At Bloom Honey, we believe that raw honey offers a myriad of health sustaining and medicinal properties and we make sure we protect that nutritional integrity. Our Honey, Your Health!
    ~ David