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    Raw honey sourced straight from the beehive is one of nature's perfect foods.  It is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, and also contains live digestive enzymes, local pollens, propolis, amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and pre & probiotics. 

    At Bloom Honey, we extract single floral varietal honey straight from the beehive and deliver it to you the way our honeybees created it - 100% raw and pure.  It's that simple.  

    Our honey is never pasteurized or filtered. We gently heat it just enough to facilitate bottling, but never near the temperature that will degrade its nutritional quality. We allow all of the pollen grains, propolis, and nutrients to pass through to you intact. 

    Each single floral varietal has its own personality - a unique flavor, color, and texture. Every jar of Bloom Honey is a truly unique manifestation of nature's creation.

     Bloom Honey’s Pure Raw Honey is completely different than typical grocery store honey. There is simply no comparison in taste, quality, or in the nutritional integrity. Almost all honey sold in grocery stores has been over-heated, pasteurized, and ultra-filtered. Much of it has been blended or adulterated with high fructose corn syrup, or comes from an unknown, unregulated international origin. The beneficial enzymes are denatured by the extreme heat, and ultra-filtration removes the highly beneficial local pollens and propolis.