Our Honey, Your Health

Our Honey, Your Health

100% PURE RAW HONEY, straight from the hive, is a perfect food from nature. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and live enzymes. It also contains local pollens, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals.  

At Bloom Honey, we offer gourmet, all natural varietal honey in this pure form – 100% raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, the way nature intended and the way the honeybees made it. 










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What is Honey?

From the Bee: To make one pound of honey, the amount in one jar of Bloom Honey, honeybees will visit two million flower blossoms and fly over 55,000 miles! Think about it. It is simply incredible, isn't it? Bloom Honey gets its start as the nectar from flowers that is collected by the honeybees. When the nectar is brought back inside the hive, the bees of the colony break it down into simple sugars and store it in the honeycombs inside the beehive. The unique design of the honeycomb, combined with the bees continuously fanning their wings, causes evaporation to take place, creating the thick sweet liquid we know as pure raw honey.

To the Hive: Beekeepers harvest honey by collecting the honeycomb frames and scraping off the wax cap that bees make to seal the honey in each cell of the honeycomb. Once the wax cappings are removed the frames are placed in an extractor that rapidly spins the frames, forcing the honey out of the comb with centrifugal force. The honey collects in a settling and holding tank.

To the Bottle: After the honey is extracted and settles, it is time to bottle it and get it to your kitchen to nourish your family. Unlike most store-bought honey that is super heated and ultra-filtered, we only heat it just enough to get it into the jar, and never close to the temperature that would cause any nutritional degradation. We mildly strain the honey, never filter, to eliminate any large bits of wax or wooden parts of the frames that may have broken off, but we allow the local pollens and nutrients through. Now it is time to bottle the delicious goodness that is Bloom's 100% pure, raw honey.

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"Honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates and water. It also includes small amounts of a wide variety of vitamins, including niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid, along with minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, and zinc. Raw honey also has numerous phytochemicals that are originally derived from their plant sources, including a wide variety of phenolics, peptides, organic acids, vitamins, and enzymes that stimulate the immune system and help kill bacteria and viruses... Much of mainstream medicine today focuses on curing disease rather than maintaining good health. Honey can be used as part of one's daily routine to strengthen the body's natural immune defenses and fight off disease. Over time, this can help us enjoy longer and healthier lives." - Altman, The Honey Prescription

Bloom Honey's 100% Pure, Raw Honey vs Most Store Bought Honey

Most store-bought honey is a completely different product from Bloom Honey's Pure Raw Honey and Gourmet Creamed Honey. There is simply no comparison in taste, quality, or in the nutritional integrity and health benefits. The majority of honey bought in stores has been ultra-heated, often to over 140 degrees F, ultra-filtered, can be diluted with high fructose corn syrup, or often comes from unknown International origins such as China. The beneficial enzymes are deactivated by the extreme heat and pasteurization, and the local pollens are completely removed during ultra-filtration. The quality of the honey is radically transformed and degraded. 

In contrast, Bloom Honey offers pure raw honey delivering the complete spectrum of its nutritional benefits, with the local pollens intact. We just heat our honey enough to get it into the jar, never to where degradation of nutritional quality or deactivation of enzymes occur. 

Bloom Honey is a member of True Source Certified, an organization whose members produce their honey directly in the United States. We are a member of California State Beekeepers Association, the American Bee Federation, and the American Honey Producer's Association. Do you know where your honey comes from? To trust your honey, know your beekeeper!

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Nutritional Benefits of Bloom Honey's 100% Pure Raw Honey

…Honey contains antioxidants – disease fighting enzymes that protect your body by trapping free radical molecules. Research also shows that eating antioxidant rich superfoods – like honey – may lower the risk of developing diseases and even stall the aging process. In Cal Orey, in The Healing Powers of Honey describes the super nutrients honey contains:

Alpha-tocopherol An essential antioxidant, known as Vitamin E
Enzymes     Chemical substances your body produces to help boost chemical reactions in the body
Flavanols and Flavonols Plant compounds (phytonutrients) that have shown antioxidant effects that may help lower the risk of heart disease, some forms of cancer, and diabetes.
Oligosaccharides Aids heart health by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and regularity, by boosting good bacteria (bifidobaceria) in the intestinal tract
Peptides Molecules made up of two or more linked amino acids that may help lower the risk of heart disease, too, as well as enhance the immune system and digestion.
Polyphenols Natural compounds that act as powerful antioxidants to protect your body by trapping the free radical molecules and getting rid of them before damage occurs.

"In a study carried out by researchers at the Bloomberg School of Public Health… Honey stimulates enzymes to protect from cancer and heart disease. Darker varieties like Buckwheat were more effective than lighter varieties."

A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, "Honeys With High Phenolic Contents Can Increase Serum Antioxidant Capacity In Healthy Human Subjects", found that phenolic antioxidants from processed honey are bioavailable, and that they increase antioxidant activity of plasma. It can be speculated that honey consumption could augment the body's defenses against oxidative stress. 

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Bloom Honey's 100% Pure Raw Honey as Substitute for Table Sugar

The average American consumes about three pounds of sugar per week, or 150 pounds per year. Table sugar is pure sucrose, a complex sugar produced from sugar cane or sugar beets. In order to use the energy in this sugar, the body must first break it down into simple sugars. Table sugar provides empty calories with no nutrients or other benefits. Another common artificial sugar is high fructose corn syrup, whose increased use is linked to obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses.

In contrast, the body easily absorbs the main components of pure raw honey, the simple sugars glucose and fructose. 100% pure raw honey also delivers trace amounts of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, organic acids, amino acids, hormones, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, aromatic substances and water.

"Vitamins include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and Vitamin C. Important minerals include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, chromium, selenium, and zinc... Given the average sweetener intake by humans is estimated to be in excess of 70 kg per year, the substitution of honey in some foods for traditional sweeteners could result in enhanced antioxidant system in healthy adults." - Altman, The Honey Prescription

"Consuming honey instead of sugar reduces weight gain, improves memory and reduces anxiety." - Traynor, Two Million Blossoms

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Pure Raw Honey & Energy- Sports Nutrition

Carbohydrates eaten before and after exercise help maintain blood glucose levels and prevent premature fatigue. After exercise, carbohydrates are necessary to replenish muscle and liver glycogen and help prepare the athlete for the next training session.

Honey before exercise: Honey may be one of the most effective ways to consume carbs before exercise. The lower glycemic index profile of honey (the glycemic index of foods refers to how quickly insulin is released by the pancreas to process the sugars they contain) is an important consideration for athletes. When honey is eaten just before exercise, it provides needed energy but also delays the release of insulin into the bloodstream and slows down the use of glycogen (muscle fuel). The end result is improved performance, with energy released into your system at a steady rate throughout the exercise, without the dangers of hypoglycemia.

Honey during exercise: Consuming honey during a workout helps your muscles stay nourished longer and delays fatigue. A study undertaken by Dr. Richard Kreider and his colleagues at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sports Nutrition Lab and published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal found that honey produced a statistically significant reduction in the trial participants times in long distance cycling trials. It also measured a significant increase in the athletes' average power compared to a placebo.

Post Workout: In addition to promoting muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration, honey-protein combinations sustain favorable blood-sugar concentrations after training to promote recovery. Research shows that ingesting a combination of protein and carbohydrates immediately following exercise (within 30 minutes) is ideal to refuel and decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness. In addition to promoting muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration, carb-protein combinations sustain favorable blood sugar concentrations after training.

Tip: Its important to stay hydrated during exercise. In place of glucose sports drinks, add a squeeze of honey to your water bottle. A tablespoon of honey about 20 minutes before activity is enough to increase energy level.

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Raw Honey and Sleep

It's a problematic fact that tens of millions of Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, and many million Americans depend on prescription drugs to aid sleep. Tip: Try 1-2 tablespoons of pure raw honey within an hour of bedtime.

According to Mike Mcinnes, Author of The Hibernation Diet, "Honey:

 ·      Ensures adequate liver glycogen stores for eight hours of sleep. This prevents or limits the early-morning release of two stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.

·      Stabilizes blood sugar levels

·      Contributes to the release of melatonin, the hormone required for both recovery and rebuilding body tissues during rest. Recent research also suggests melatonin secretion helps prevent adult onset Type 2 diabetes.

"With the consumption of honey before bedtime, sleep quality is improved, recovery (fat burning) physiology is optimized, and the chronic release of adrenal stress hormones is inhibited." - Altman, The Honey Prescription

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Raw Honey as Effective Cough Treatment – for Children and Adults

Each year consumers spend billions of dollars on over the counter medications to soothe their and their childrens' coughs. However, did you know the common active ingredient for cough, dextromethorphan (DM), is not recommended for children by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

A study by Penn State College of Medicine found that Buckwheat Honey is an effective and safe alternative to over the counter cough medicine with dextromethorphan (DM). Just a small dose of honey given before bedtime provides the greatest improvement of nighttime cough and sleep difficulty in children over one year of age, more improvement than DM provides.

Honey tip for Cough: For cough or fever, add a quarter teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and mix with one teaspoon of pure raw honey added to an eight ounce cup of warm water. Take four times a day.

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Honey Helps Develop Good Gut Bacteria

"The gastrointestinal tract is full of bacteria that are required for proper digestion. These bacteria are essential for life and good health. One group of bacteria that has been shown to be particularly important to the health and proper function of the gastrointestinal tract is bifidobacteria. They not only aid in digestion but also are associated with increased immune levels and a lower incidence of allergies. They may also prevent the growth of cancerous tumors.

There are two basic ways to increase the population of bifidobacteria in the intestinal tract. The first method is to ingest live and active bifidobacteria cultures such as found in yogurt. The other approach is to enhance the growth of the indigenous bifidobacteria itself. The first method is probiotic, while the second is prebiotic. Prebiotics are functional foods that increase the growth and activity of good bacteria. Most potential prebiotics are carbohydrates (such as oligosaccharides) and honey contains them in abundance."  – Altman, The Honey Prescription 

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The Beauty of Honey - for Healthy Skin

Every generation – since the beginning of time – has enjoyed honey as part of their beauty regimen. That's because honey provides an all-natural alternative to over the counter treatments. A natural humectant, it attracts and retains moisture, a quality that can help keep skin hydrated and glowing. It's also an anti-irritant, making it a preferred ingredient for those with sensitive skin and acne. No matter what your age, honey may help you maintain a youthful glow and leave you feeling great about using an all-natural product on your skin. - American Honey Board

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Local Pure Raw Honey and Allergy Relief

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Honey and Infants Warning

Pure raw honey should not be consumed by infants less than one year of age, due to a small risk of infant botulism. By age 1, a baby's gastrointestinal system will have developed enough that infant botulism will no longer be a risk.

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Our Honey, Your Health Disclaimer: We are sharing with you information and research on the potential for pure raw honey to benefit your health. We make no warranties, guarantees, or specific claims that honey will benefit you, or any particular health condition you may attempt to treat with honey. Please consult your medical doctor for any particular health related condition you experience.

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