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    Hi, I'm David Jefferson, and along with my wife Kelly and sons Levi and Riley, we are excited to share our passion for raw honey and our commitment to bring Bloom's pure raw honey to you and your family.c As early as I can remember, I've had a love and appreciation for the natural world.  My childhood summers were spent hiking and exploring. In college, I studied ecological economics and sustainable development.  I also studied plant biology and sustainable agriculture which led me to spend a summer on the picking crew at Beddington Ridge Farm - an organic blueberry farm in Cherryfield, Maine.  Our tight-knight crew raked and packed blueberries during the day and cooked every evening using fresh, organic vegetables from the garden.  That summer stoked my passion for healthy whole foods.  For a while now I've had the enormous privilege to work with my father, Dr. Ed Jefferson, on our family-owned agricultural businesses, which include hand grown California avocados, Gold Nugget mandarin oranges, and the fascinating universe of honeybees and honey.  We started keeping honeybees 10 years ago as a way to ensure pollination of our avocado ranch.  Over time, we slowly increased the number of beehives and expanded our operation to include pollination of other crops, such as California almonds, local blueberries, and the production of the most amazing pure raw honey varietals.  Today, we have about 1,000 beehives that are field managed by a fourth generation beekeeper.  Much of the honey that Bloom offers comes directly from our beehives.  We also partner with carefully selected, artisanal beekeepers to offer you specialty varietals we do not produce ourselves.  At Bloom Honey, all our honey is 100% pure and raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered. 

    David Jefferson - Bloom Honey, President

    UCLA Anderson School of Management, MBA
    Brown University, Bachelors in Economics (emphasis in Ecological Economics & Sustainable Development)