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    Apiary Locations

    If you have land that may be a suitable location for bees to make raw honey, please contact us! We are primarily looking for orange groves in California, as well as locations in Malibu, LA, and Ventura County for Wild Sage, Buckwheat, and Malibu wildflower honey. But if you have something different, please feel free to try me and tell me what you have.

    To place bees, we need an adequately sized relatively flat space. But it does not have to be too big of a space! Ideally, it will be set back a distance from your home or neighbors' homes. We also would need access via a flatbed truck with a 12-16 foot bed. We always put water out for the bees and check on them or work them as often as needed.

    We are also always looking for locations to overwinter our bees. Locations near Jefferson Farms ranch in Somis, Moorpark, Ojai, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas of Ventura or LA County are ideal. Ideal locations will be near Eucalyptus or Pepper Trees or other floral sources that bloom between October and February.